Meet Our Team

Ashley Jones
Kathy Perry

My entire career has been in one form of real estate or another, so I have a vast knowledge and understanding of this business. I am from Amarillo where my first real full-time job was working for a well-known Commercial General Contractor. I handled all the things associated with payroll, unions, accounts receivable (AIA) and accounts payable. We had multi-state payroll, so I was very well trained on that. I was the assistant to our Accounting Manager. I have always been good with numbers.

After being there for a year, I was chosen by management over 4 other people to study with IBM to enable me to set up our first computer system. It a was great experience and taught me so much. Initially I worked with IBM to install a System 34, then a couple of years later I helped transition up to the IBM System 36. I studied education and computer operations at Amarillo College. A few years later my 2 daughters and I moved to Grapevine as I was getting remarried.

For the first 3 years in DFW I worked for a subcontractor in Commercial Construction. It was a little different than working for a General Contractor who saw over the entire job.

In 1995 I found what turned out to be my passion. I went to work for a home builder in Flower Mound. I wore many hats as that business was growing. I was the Controller, so I did all accounting tasks including financial statements and had 4 ladies working under my direction. I processed and approved the contracts and worked them all the way through to closing with lenders, title companies, appraisers and I also handled the building permits and issues with the City.

Because I had to wear many hats, it became apparent to me that I enjoyed working with the clients through to closing more than anything else I had to do. I got my real estate license in 2006 to maintain MLS for my homebuilding company. I decided in late 2014 to become a full-time realtor. Buying and Selling homes is such an emotional experience for people, it is the single biggest asset building process most people will ever do. As a result, it is rewarding for me to help people through that process and see them be excited about their new home. I stand beside my clients every step of the way so that they never have to worry about anything. I keep them educated about what is going on all along the way. Their understanding and satisfaction are my utmost goal for all my clients.

It was the right decision that I made! I have helped some of the nicest people! I love what I do!